How to become a sales machine?

1. Understand your buyer 2. Know what to say 3. Close the deal and don’t let them leave without a commitment 4. Be friendly, but firm with them 5. Keep in touch after the sale – follow up within 24 hours if they haven’t responded yet or contacted you back about something you mentioned in […]

Don’t manage your time, manage your energy!

1. The main reason managing time doesn’t work is because we are not consistent 2. We plan to do one thing and end up doing another 3. It’s easy to get distracted by other tasks, especially if they appear more urgent 4. Time management requires a lot of self discipline that many people don’t have […]

How to be profitable from day 1

1. Identify your skills and what you enjoy 2. Find a way to monetize the skill or hobby 3. Research similar businesses and find out how they advertise 4. Create an effective marketing plan for yourself, including social media advertising 5. Start small with a more manageable project first before trying to tackle something larger […]

How to start your solo-business?

Figure out what you want to do Research your idea, and find out if there is a market for it Create a plan of action Write down your goals and deadlines so that you know what you’re working towards Start small with a blog or social media account to get followers interested in your business […]

How to build a team for your business

1. Define your team’s goals and expectations 2. Recruit the right people for your company 3. Create a clear job description for each position on the team 4. Establish timelines and milestones to ensure that everyone is working towards the same goal 5. Communicate openly with all members of the team, using both formal meetings […]

Why your website is your business

Your website is your business   A website is the cornerstone of any company, organization or individual’s digital marketing strategy. Your website can be used to generate leads and convert them into customers by providing a professional representation of your business. However, many companies neglect their websites and let it fall out of date because […]

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