Build a high quality website in 12 hours only - live training and support

My experience


Having a clear website about you and your products or services directly makes a great impression

On your website you set the rules and you can build your own "tribe" on your own terms

A website has no limitations to how many people can visit and join you

Before hiring or promoting 70% of decision makers check you out online

You can highlight different areas of your life and business with the flexiblity of different formats

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What makes this Training You-nique?

Live Training

In short sessions I explain everything you need to know, followed by break out sessions in which you will implement everything learned

Do It Yourself

You will make everything yourself so you are completely in charge of the end result.
Our tech experts are on stand by to support you at any time.

Future proof

You'll know everything you need to keep your website up to date and safe. Knowing how to do this will save you lots of time and money!

Time Boxed

No more excuses, we have very clear deadlines and will get you to a great end result!
You will thank yourself later!

Allow me to introduce myself… I am Nienke

I am someone that LOVES fast results with a BIG IMPACT. 

Some of my personal achievements are visiting 150 countries, learning 10 languages and attending 4 Top Education Institutions. 

I bring that same energy to my work and trainings. 

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What we are proud of...

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Who is this training for?

What is included in the training?

Your Technical Support Team

Our Experts Will "Unstuck" You When Needed

Live Building Of Your Website

After The Training Your Website Is Live

All software you'll need

We Have You Covered For The First Year

Pre-Training Roadmap

We Guide You On How To Create Your Visuals And Content

Complete & Professional Structure

Home page, About Page, Services Page, Legal Pages and Contact Page

Your Maintenance Plan

Your Guide To Keep Your Website Healthy And Fast

What is the structure of the program?

The program is targeted at getting you a professional website within the time frame of the training. 

We will work together, fast and efficiently to ensure at the end of the program your site is LIVE!

After the program you will have the knowledge to keep your website up to date and to implement new items. 



You have 3 options..

Week edition


March 1-4

  • 6 pm to 9 pm CET
  • 4 day time span
  • 4 sessions of 3 hours
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Friday edition


March 5 & 12

  • 9 am to 4 pm CET
  • 2 day time span
  • 4 sessions of 3 hours

Weekend edition


March 13 & 14

  • 9 am to 4 pm CET
  • 2 day time span
  • 4 sessions of 3 hours

What you might want to know...

Not at all! Though a curiousity for technology and how it can make your live easier really will make you learn the most. I have used all the technology we use myself too and I am not a technical person either! We use technology that is both “the best in class technologically” as well as easy to use.

The world has become “hybrid”, we started combining online and offline experiences in almost all aspects of our lives. On a website you can showcase exactly what would you like to share. A website gives you more freedom than social platforms because you get to decide the style, the content, the functions etc. Also it is a great way to “build your list” of customers or contacts without having to deal with an algorithm of an exiting platform that dictates exactly what to do. 

Wether you are an employee or a business owner, having a social presence contributes to your success. 80%+ of decision makers does research online before taking a decision. This can apply to a promotion, book deal, new job, new client, any opportunity you are looking for. Not having a well working website puts you at a disadvantage in comparison with people that DO have a website. 

Are you ready to dedicate 12 hours to get your website up and running?

Yes, a lot of people build and design their websites entirely by themselves, or they use software or a program that makes it easier. This is a real option, my personal experience is that a live program works faster and in the long run even saves you money because of two reasons:

  1. You will have a clear deadline and structure, allowing you to be DONE at the end of the training. How many people struggel to finish or even start building their own website.  
  2. We have tried EVERYTHING ourselves and spend a lot of time and money doing that in order for you to get a well working, high converting website, that is up to the latest standards in all areas needed. 

Yes! a lot of websites are not designed in an optimized way and technology is changing fast. In addition you will learn how to make changes yourself so you can always keep your website up to date.

In the pre-training briefing we will show you how to make your existing pictures look even better or how to take some great pictures with your phone. Professional pictures are always great, just make sure you give clear instructions on what you need and that you hire the right photographer. We will also give you tips and tricks on that in our pre-training material so you won’t be disappointed after your professional shoot. 

Your domain name is super important, so the sooner you have the ownership to the domain you want to use the better. We strongly recommend buying a domain via xx. The rest of the setup we recommend will be in the confirmation email after your enrollment. Picking the right hosting party can be very tricky so we have researched that for you and will give you our recommendations. 

We will teach you how to build a website on WordPress.  Technology changes every day, and so far WordPress is still the most professional and flexible platform. Big names like Mercedes-Benz, Disney, and the Facebook newsroom are also made using this technology. 

Yes! and not only that we will also teach you how to keep your site fast and easily findable!